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Guidance policy

Explore, think, discover on your own

That help is our mission. For that purpose, we may "wait" with all our might, or we may give hints little by little.

Lessons that lead to the power to live.


Small step approach

It may seem easy to an adult, but it may be difficult for a small child.

You will acquire the piano playing technique, which is a task like combining complicated puzzles, with a fun task of difficulty that each person can think "I may be able to do it with a little effort!".

If you compare music to mountain climbing, finishing a song is like climbing a mountain called a song.

Climbing a high mountain is because there is a step-by-step step. However, if you don't see the scenery from the top, you may feel uneasy because of the series of similar scenery. The greatness of the guide by a professional mountain guide is that the climber decides everything from the selection of the mountain trail, the speed of walking, the way of speaking, etc. according to the situation. Show me the alpine plants and animals on the roadside that I sometimes overlook and entertain me. And climbing is just your own feet.


Which mountain trail to take, where to rest and where to spurt. Speaking of the piano, it is quite difficult to adjust what kind of practice method and when to work hard. We will do our best to support you to the top where you can see the most beautiful scenery!


Stack small "made!"

Everything is the accumulation of smiles, "I did it !!! I did it !!!".



Being an understanding of mother and father

I would like to thank my parents for always practicing during their busy days.

We will support you according to your home so that you can practice at home smoothly.

Take everything seriously and with passionate humor

When you're crazy, your child's eyes will shine differently.









Japanese love word

Even if the words have the same meaning, the impression you get will change by 180 degrees depending on how you say the thrower and how you hold the heart of the recipient.


Make music a lifelong friend

To the cultural people who are powerfully flying to the world

Not limited to music, touching everything inherited from our predecessors

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