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Course content


Pre-piano course (from 2 and a half years old)

Individual lesson once 30 minutes, 36 times a year

Group lessons 12 times a year

This is an introductory course before entering the textbook. There are individual differences depending on the child, but it is about half a year to a year as a guide. (Until your child is ready)

The goal is to familiarize you with the basics of musical instruments such as the piano, the basics of musical grammar, and lessons by reciting haiku, rhythmic and singing songs (English and Japanese), starting with greetings.

It is also during this time that parents are asked to participate in the lessons with their children, and at the same time, make lesson notes and develop listening and lesson habits at home. The future will greatly depend on how much you can prepare an environment such as listening and habituation of your time during this period. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

In group lessons with several people, we will work on rhythm activities, songs (textbooks, English songs, etc.), haiku, and so on. It will also be a place to prepare your mind for various presentations.




Textbook Volume 1

Individual lesson once 30 minutes, 36 times a year

Group lessons 12 times a year

Follow the textbook sold exclusively to members .

For home lessons, you can use the video teaching materials "Okeiko Video" exclusively for Suzuki Method Society members and the original YouTube videos of the classroom.

We will support mothers and fathers as much as possible, such as using the classroom's original practice videos for home lessons.

In the group lessons, which are the key to the Suzuki method, we will review the review songs and work on the reading and solfege unique to Suzuki. From the beginning, you will make frequent presentations in group lessons, listen to friends' sounds and experience ensemble, and gradually acquire the basics of ensemble, teamwork, compassion for others and manners. ..


Textbook Volumes 2-8

45 minutes per individual lesson, 36 times a year

Group lessons 12 times a year

Gradually, one song will be longer and more review songs will be added.

In group lessons, in addition to announcing the results of daily practice, a full-scale ensemble will be entered.

Graduate School A, B, C, graduate

60 minutes of individual lessons, 12 times a year, ensemble class available (charges not included)


* Supplementary teaching materials will be provided to each student. About 1,000 to 2,000 yen.

* Various costs and monthly fees are subject to change.

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Admission fee   10,000 yen Suzuki method admission fee 5,000 yen (delivered directly to the secretariat) + classroom admission fee 5,000 yen

Initial teaching material fee 5,000 yen (Shinichi Suzuki Piano Teaching Song Collection Volume 1 Attached CD Vol. 1, Lottery Card Volume 1, Kobayashi Issa Haiku Karuta, Shipping Included)



[Monthly expenses]

Nakameguro classroom 14,600 yen ~

Okurayama classroom 11,600 yen ~

Online classroom  From 10,600 yen



* Monthly payment will be [Headquarters membership fee] + [Classroom operating fee] + [Monthly fee].


[Headquarters membership fee]  1,600 yen (/ 1 household. Credit card payment to the secretariat)

[Classroom operating costs]

Nakameguro classroom 5,000 yen (same household, 3,500 yen for the second and subsequent people)

Okurayama classroom  2,000 yen (1 household)

online  1,000 yen (1 household)

[Monthly fee]   From 8,000 yen





Text used


We will focus on the piano piece collection by Shinichi Suzuki, edited by the Piano Textbook Committee of the Suzuki Method International.

(With a model sound source by Mr. Seizo Higashi, a pianist from Suzuki Method and a professor at Tokyo University of the Arts)

Published in 1970 by Shinichi Suzuki and his sister, Ms. Shizuko Suzuki (one of the founders of the Suzuki Method Piano Department), who chose each song to give real music to children learning music from the beginning. It is based on "Shinichi Suzuki Piano Teaching Song Collection".

It has been revised in recent years, and while following the flow from the first edition, it has become a more balanced textbook for the times and composers.


It is a collection of masterpieces selected over a long period of time by piano teaching specialists representing Suzuki Method in Asia, America, Oceania, Europe and Japan.

Volume 1 contains many songs that are familiar to everyone, including folk songs from various countries that children around the world are familiar with, such as Kirakira Hoshi and Mary Had a Little Lamb. At the same time, it is studded with elements for developing ears and for developing basic piano techniques that can be used for a lifetime. In Volume 2, we will work on songs by major composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann and Bartok. Volumes 3 and 4 include Sonatina, Sonata, and other masterpieces from Chopin and Mendelssohn from Volume 5, and the classic masterpieces left by the great composers for children are lined up.

We may recommend songs other than textbooks to students who have extra capacity.







Group lessons

Group lessons are "the cornerstone of the Suzuki method" and "a place for growing up".

Especially when I was young, I learned different things from individual lessons, such as longing for friends who are a little older than me, "moderate" competition with children of the same age, compassion for children smaller than me, and manners for others. There are many.

You will learn the basics of reading music, musical grammar, and ensembles in a game format.



Also, by providing opportunities to frequently announce what you are working on, it will be easier to see small daily goals that are different from presentations and graduation recordings.

A well-balanced combination of online lessons where you can spend the same time with friends in remote regions and overseas, where you can use the piano one by one, and face-to-face group lessons where you can breathe in and play with your friends right next to you. increase.

This group lesson is, after all, "fun !!"

It is a piano that tends to be completed by practicing alone and presenting at the recital, but in this classroom, the instructor's group lesson instruction of over 400 hours and the group lesson accompaniment of stringed instruments over 800 hours From experience, we will incorporate group lessons with confidence.





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