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Thank you for your enthusiastic guidance. My daughter doesn't seem to be looking forward to attending lessons and seeing her teacher every time.

Home practice can be difficult at times, but I'm trying my best to show it to my teacher.

If I had learned from Naoko-sensei when I was a kid, I wouldn't have quit. (Laughs) (Mother)

I moved to three piano classrooms and was a "piano classroom refugee". I am glad that I was able to participate in overseas summer camps and made the Suzuki Method. Naoko-sensei, the fourth person was saved by the teacher. I look forward to working with you. (Mother)

I was worried that I would be okay with the restless child, but I was relieved to hear that he said, "It's okay. Let's wait slowly together." In her third year, she is still a laid-back girl, but now she seems to have awakened to improve as much as she can. (Father)

The time to attend the teacher's lessons was a healing time for us parents and children. I am grateful to be able to meet a wonderful teacher who will do my best to support me, no matter how small. The whole family is a big fan of the teacher. We are looking forward to the next day when we can go to Suzuki's summer school in Japan! (Mother)


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