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Shoko Sugahara Sizuki Piano

Nice to meet you.


My name is Naoko Sugawara.


Let's stack up the small "made!" Of children together.

No matter what path your child takes in the future or encounters difficulties, the ability to think "I'm okay" has been around since childhood.Accumulation of small success experiences.

I would like to help as much as possible so that my family will be filled with smiles. ​​​

The sound is life, and the soulful performance resonates with the listener.

Whether it's an easy song, a difficult song, or just one note, the power of that note is the same.

Motto: Have a fun and serious life with a rich heart

May your child's life be enriched!

Let's make music a lifelong friend and become a world person and cultural person who can fly powerfully.To!


Shoko Sugawara


Born in Yokohama

Started playing the piano at the age of 3

Two concerts and solo performances at the piano graduation concert, Suzuki method world competition, etc.

Ferris Girls' Junior High School / High School / University Graduate


Graduated from the International Academy of the Suzuki Method Instructor Training Course in 2011. Nakameguro / Roppongi / Okurayama classroom opened.

2011-2014 Suzuki Method Early Childhood Education Yokohama school instructor

Participated as a SECE instructor at the 16th Suzuki Method World Congress in 2013.


Private lessons and group lessons as a piano teacher at the Suzuki Music Academy of Hong Kong (SMAHK)

Weekly group lessons, stringed instrument group lessons, orchestra assistant,

Responsible for accompaniment such as recitals.

Participated in the 2019 Sydney Suzuki Music Festival in Australia.

Participated in the 1st Suzuki Convention of the Americas in Cancun, Mexico.

Returned to Japan in 2020.

Participation in Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore Professional Development Workshop (Online)


Nakameguro / Okurayama school reopened as well as Online Lesson.

She has studied piano under Atsuko Sugawara, Fumiyo Usui, Seizo Azuma, chamber music under Koji Toyoda and Motoko Toyoda, and Music Reading under Caroline Fraser. After being certified as an instructor, she participates in study groups around the world and continues to study teaching methods.


Suzuki Method Piano Department Instructor

Suzuki Method 0-3 year old course certified instructor

Talent Education Study Group Regular Member



Don't hurry, don't rest, don't give up. Why don't you stack up small "I made it!" Together?
I would like to help as much as possible so that my family will be filled with smiles.

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