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About online lessons in our classroom

A lesson where you can listen to the live sounds of acoustic instruments, meet in person, and feel each other.

Of course this is the best way to go.

But nowadays, I feel that the benefits of online are also great. ​​

One of them is to be able to laugh out loud, where you can take off your mask and communicate while looking at each other's facial expressions.

The circumstances surrounding online lessons are also changing, with improved sound quality and ease of use on each platform.

With two years of experience in online lessons, we are confident that you will be delivered.

You can take this course if you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


* For online lessons, you are required to submit the assignment video every week by the day before (or the designated day) of the individual lesson day. We have you record what you recorded on your smartphone and send it by Line or Whatsapp.

Group lessons are joint with face-to-face students. (Sunday morning)

* You can participate in the face-to-face class presentation. (Once a year in Tokyo. Participation fee is about 15,000 yen)

* When recording the graduation recording, it is possible to take it in the actual classroom. (You will be required to pay the classroom usage fee. The standard is 1,000 yen to 1,500 yen. You can choose from the Nakameguro classroom in Tokyo, the Okurayama classroom in Yokohama city, and the classroom in Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture.)

* When submitting a graduation recording, you will belong to the Kanto area, and your name will appear in the Kanto area on the graduation list.


We accept reservations for web hearings from inquiries .

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